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Easter Pattern around-up

Pipsqueak Funny Bunny Pocket Bunny Bunny Rabbit Baby Rabbit Rag-doll Bunny Easter Tails Pillow Bunny and Carrot Bunny Pillow Chicken Easter Basket Set Easter Lamb

Quick/No Sew Amigurumi Patterns for Market Prep

Almost daily I see makers asking for quick patterns or patterns that require little to no sewing and make great market prep items, so I have compiled a list of patterns that work up quickly and/or are “no sew”, making them great for market prepping! Cora the Whale Hilda the Hippo Baby Shark Caterpillar Pocket…

Bobbie Anne

Welcome yarnies!

I am a self taught crocheter and designer from Pennsylvania. When I am not playing with yarn, you can find me enjoying time with my favorite little boy, my son!

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