Meet the maker

Hello and welcome to Sheepish Stitches! My name is Bobbie Anne and I’m the creative mind behind Sheepish Stitches.

I remember as a small child going to my great grandmother’s and she almost always had a hook in her hand whipping something up! You name it, she probably crocheted it! I also recall seeing my grandmother crocheting at times and as I got older my mom was crocheting too! While we all have our own “specialties” this craft runs in generations of my family. So you see, yarn was just calling me.

After seeing all the lovely things they were making, I took it upon myself to learn the craft. Id admire lots of amazing makes on social media! All the beautiful creations kept me inspired to keep going. Sure, there were days I wanted to quit, but after taking a short break, I was right back at it! I have come a long way since my first wonky wash-cloth.

Inspired by other makers, I found my style and opened my Etsy shop. In the beginning, I never would have imaged I would be making stuffed toys and designing my very own patterns all while creating my very own crochet following. Once my following grew and my patterns became more noticed, I opened a Ravelry pattern store and a few years later I have designed my very own stand alone website! You can find my patterns at
I strive to continue to grow my audience and continue to bring you modern, cozy, and stylish patterns.

When I’m not playing with yarn you can find me enjoying time with my toddler. J, as I like to call him, is sure to keep me busy. As a mompreneur it can be tough to balance it all and it sure is exhausting some days, but it is all worth it! I love that I am my own boss and I can be home with him during his young years. I love that I can sit outside while he enjoys the summer days splashing around or chasing the dog, taking walks, or going tot he park. I enjoy watching him learn and grow.

Enough about me, Id love to see your Sheepish Stitches items! If you share on social media be sure to tag me on Instagram @Sheepish_Stitches and use #SheepishStitches to possibly be featured!

Happy Crafting!
Bobbie Anne


Author: Sheepish Stitches

Hello Yarnies! I am a self taught fiber artist and pattern designer focused in crochet. I’m the designer behind the best selling “Mountain Ridge Beanie” as well as the “Harvest Braid Beanie” - both in which quickly became fan favorites for the beautiful texture they offer. When I’m not playing with yarn, you can find me enjoying time with my toddler. Playing cars, splashing around the tub, or reading books - he is sure to keep me busy 💙

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