Quick/No Sew Amigurumi Patterns for Market Prep

Almost daily I see makers asking for quick patterns or patterns that require little to no sewing and make great market prep items, so I have compiled a list of patterns that work up quickly and/or are “no sew”, making them great for market prepping!

Cora the Whale
Cora the whale is approximately 5” tall, worked in the round with NO sewing, and works up quickly using super bulky weight yarn (specific yarn used is linked in the pattern). She is perfect for last minute gifts and market prepping and looks adorable in any color!

Hilda the Hippo

Hilda the hippo is a no sew pattern, perfect for a quick make and market prepping.
Baby Shark
Make your very own ocean full of sweet Baby Sharks with this simple and quick, no-sew crochet pattern. This pattern works up well in many different types and sizes of yarns, simply adjust your hook and safety eye size to match your yarn size.
The main body is one piece, only need to sew legs, head and antennas!
Pocket Octo
Pattern is worked in the round from the head down using one continuous piece of yarn and requires no sewing.
Create your own little ray in just an hour or two! This easy-to-follow pattern includes one PDF file with detailed instructions and pictures on how to crochet and assemble all the parts to make this manta (or eagle) ray!

Alfie the Frog
No Sew Turtle

Gno Sew Gnomeo
Gno-Sew Gnomeo is a plush gnome that is constructed all in one piece, the only pieces you’ll need to attach are the beard and decorations you choose to personalize your own gnomes!

Gracie Doll
This rag doll style crochet doll is so fun to make, and best part? It requires NO SEWING!!!
Leggy Frog
I must warn you, your life will soon be overtaken by leggy frogs. You will quickly have a froggy army on your hands with this quick no sew pattern.
Tank the Turtle
Tank is sure to be your next favorite pocket pet. He is the perfect size for little hands, quick make and seriously NO sew! Only one tail to weave in at the very end.
Pomsie Pocket Kitten
These no sew kittens are cute and pocket size, perfect for snuggles!
This no sew sunflower is cheerful and perfect for summertime. It’s easy to change up the colors to create daisies, asters, or more.

Plush Bee
These plush bees work up super quickly and the only sewing required is the wings.

Of course, there are tons of awesome quick/no sew patterns available, but these are a few I have compiled so far, I hope you found a few that you enjoy!

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Author: Sheepish Stitches

Hello Yarnies! I am a self taught fiber artist and pattern designer focused in crochet. I’m the designer behind the best selling “Mountain Ridge Beanie” as well as the “Harvest Braid Beanie” - both in which quickly became fan favorites for the beautiful texture they offer. When I’m not playing with yarn, you can find me enjoying time with my toddler. Playing cars, splashing around the tub, or reading books - he is sure to keep me busy 💙

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