Boob Can Koozie – crochet pattern by Sheepish Stitches

Learn how to make this novelty can koozie by following this simple, free crochet pattern by Sheepish Stitches. The perfect pattern for gift giving, bridal parties, or just some traditional summer time fun!

A few years back I stumbled across a photo of some super cute bikini top can koozies and I shared them to my Facebook friends, recently the photo resurfaced in my Facebook memories notifications, I thought these koozies were so fun and perfect for summer time so I re-shared the photo for my Facebook friends to enjoy again. Upon sharing I had people reach out to me for the finished products and I was excited to get started on these fun little novelty koozies!

Being the photo was a few years old and had no water mark, I had no idea who had created the photo I was looking at. I set out to locate a pattern I liked but I wasn’t finding ‘the right one’, so I turned to social media to make a call for help! I posted the photo I had from several years back to my Instagram stories and asked if by chance anyone happened to know whose pattern the photo was designed from…

Unfortunately, no one had an answer to this photo. I had one response of “I don’t know that pattern. But I’ve made some of my own. I’ve never written my pattern down. I guess I should”. And another responder sent me a photo for a ‘hula top’ pattern design. Neither were the responses I had been hoping for. With that being said, I took it upon myself to design my own pattern to look just as I had wanted it, and to fulfill my open orders!

Once I completed several of these cute little koozies, I was proud to share my completed work for others to enjoy as much as I did! Upon posting I was surprised at how many people were enjoying MY design and asking if I would be releasing the pattern…I didn’t really have intentions of releasing this design, as I just whipped them up quickly to fulfill my own orders….

Due to the response this koozie had created, I started to dig further into “Boob Can Cozies” and looking at dates of creation to see what I could find and based on what I had found, someone made a boob can cozy as far back as 2010. Again, this information is based on what I found in a quick search….This is not me saying this designer was the absolute first to create this pattern!

The 2010 maker no longer offers her pattern and while mine is different from hers… I decided I would reach out to her and explain my situation and ask her if she would mind if I would share MY design to all of you asking for it, while crediting her for the 2010 make of a “Boob Can Cozy”. She was super nice to chat with and she was completely fine with me going forward and giving you all the pattern to what I did. She went on to say, “I made it a free pattern, it would be nice if it remained that way.” So thanks to Keesha, I am bringing all of you a free pattern for this super cute boob can koozie!

Show Keesha some love and head on over to her Ravelry page and check out her 2010 version of the “Booby Coozy”

Legal Stuff:

© You may use the pattern for personal use only. Do not sell, copy, alter, or share this pattern in ANY way! You may sell the koozies you make from this pattern- using your own photos. You may not use any of my photos as your own! Please tag @SheepishStitches as the designer when sharing finished photos!

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  • Lets get started!


    • 3.5 mm hook
    • Worsted weight cotton in 3 colors – skin, nipple, bikini
    • Scissors
    • Yarn needle 
    • Stitch marker 
    • Soda can or bottle 


    MC – Magic circle

    CH – Chain

    ST – Stitch

    STS – Stitches

    SL ST – Slip Stitch

    SC – Single Crochet

    HDC – Half Double Crochet


    • I do not SL ST until the pattern states to SL ST. This is a personal preference, if you prefer to SL ST in every round, feel free to do so.
    • You won’t turn unless the pattern states otherwise.
    • Tension varies from maker to maker, the can cozy part can be adapted by adding or removing rounds.

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    Can Koozie

    Using skin tone:

    Round 1:


    12 HDC

    Round 2:

    INC x 12 (24)

    Round 3:

    (HDC, INC ) x 12 (36)

    Round 4:

    SC in each ST around

    SL ST to join (36)

    Round 5:

    HDC BLO in each ST around

    SL ST to join (36)

    Round 6-17:

    HDC in each ST around

    SL ST to join (36)

    Fasted off and weave in the ends

    Boobs (make two) 

    Using nipple color:

    Round 1:


    6 SC 

    Round 2:

    INC x 6 (12)

    Switch to skin tone:

    Round 3:

    (SC, INC) x 6 (18)

    Secure all the ends currently inside of the boob at this point. 

    Round 4-5:

    SC in each ST around (18)

    Fasted off leaving a long tail to sew onto the koozie.

    Using nipple color:

    Leaving about a 3” tail – CH 3

    SL ST  to the back bump on the first CH to form a ring

    Fasted off leaving about 3” and use both ends to secure to the nipple color area

    Bikini (make two)

    Round 1:


    9 SC

    Round 2:

    (2 SC, 3 SC in the SAME ST) x 3

    Round 3:

    3 SC, 3 SC in the SAME ST

    (4 SC, 3 SC in the SAME ST) x 2

    1 SC

    Round 4:

    4 SC, 2 SC in the SAME ST

    (6 SC, 2 SC in the SAME ST) x 2

    7 SC this should take you to the corner of the bikini top.

    Fasten off and weave in ends

    Cut a piece of cotton about 20” long and two pieces about 12” long. Using the 20” piece and a tapestry needle; weave the cotton through the bottom round of stitches on the BACK side of the bikini top – do this for both triangles of the top.

    Using the 12” pieces; secure to the top point of the triangle with a knot and weave in the excess end – do this for both of the triangles.

    You’ve now created the bikini top. We will use the excess ends to secure the top to the can koozie. 


    1. Place your koozie on a can and line up the back seam (where we slip stitched) with the back of the soda can tab. 
    2. On the front side of the koozie – place your boobs and check they appear how you like and then sew them onto the koozie. I place mine so that the top of the boob sits one row down from the top of the koozie and directed next to each other without much gap between. When sewing them on, I sew only through the top side of the stitches and NOT through the entire can koozie. In doing it this way, the inside of the koozie stays neat and free of seeing all the stitches on the inside. Before fully sewing the boob closed, adequately stuff and shape the boob to your liking. I use the back end of the crochet hook to stuff them a bit more as I near the end of closing the boob. 
    3. Situate the bikini over the boobs. Using a tapestry needle; weave the bikini bottom in below the boob and back out two stitches over. Wrap the cotton around to the back of the can koozie and weave the strand in two stitches before the middle, and back out by the middle. Using the leftover ends, tie in a bow and snip off excess if needed. You will repeat this method to secure the top straps of the bikini to the koozie. 

    Copyright: All Sheepish Stitches patterns and their contents are copyright property of Sheepish Stitches. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in ANY form is prohibited. You may not copy, change, alter, or distribute any parts of Sheepish Stitches patterns to claim as your own design. Photos and written instructions are the sole property of Sheepish Stitches.

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